The Leadership Board



Ainsley Crowell is a Professional Mother of one current Hollin Meadows Hornet and one incoming. With a background in Marketing, Event Planning and Fundraising, she hopes to build a strong community of giving and support for the Outdoor Education Program and HMES.

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Vice President

Mary-Ellen Kwong has over 11 years of experience working as a writing/editing/communications professional. Having grown up in New Zealand, where there are countless opportunities to engage with and learn from the natural environment, Mary-Ellen feels strongly that all children, especially those living in an urban setting, should be encouraged to step outside, and engage with the natural environment that’s closest to them. She and her son are excited to roll up their sleeves and work to re-establish outdoor learning at HMES.

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Tony Lepore holds an MBA and is a certified project management professional with over 18 years experience managing projects, programs, and IT budgets at Federal agencies. An outdoor enthusiast, Tony looks forward to leveraging this public/private partnership to create innovative solutions to community challenges and grow outdoor learning experiences for his daughter (4th grader) and son (rising Kindergartener).


Communications Officer

Anna Lenhart holds an MPH in Maternal and Child Health and manages health, education and community living contracts for her clients. Anna believes the Outdoor Education Program provides a vital link between the classroom experience and the natural environment. As a parent and public health professional, Anna looks forward to identifying opportunities through the partnership to maximize the positive impact of the Outdoor Education Program on the health and education outcomes of our HMES students, families, and community. Anna is the proud mother of a 1st grade daughter and a son who will be a member of the kindergarten class of 2022.


Outdoor education coordinator

Jess Buchanan holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and currently works as the Outdoor Education Coordinator for HMES. Jess has taught English to children and adults of in Honduras, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda and Somalia - where her love for garden began when she lived on a hydroponic farm. She has also developed curriculum for institutions such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and a variety of international non-governmental organizations on issues related to armed violence reduction and conflict management. Jess considers time spent with Nature essential for humans of all ages, especially kids; and her passion for food justice is what motivates her to spend time in the garden with students, especially those with issues relating to food security. She has two children, Auggie (kindergarten) and Ebba (pre-school) and is married to, Erik, a native Swede.


At-Large member

Sue Conway has over 25 years of service to to Fairfax County Public Schools and the Alexandria community as a mother of 2 grown children - both of whom started at HMES. From PTA leadership to the development of the first HMES school garden in 2004, her history with the Partnership runs deep. Sue is excited to continue collaborating with this community to re-build the Outdoor Education program at HMES.